Giazelle Veloca, Thin Tigresse - Female Rigged Character

Philo Vivero
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A thin American woman with a flair for the exotic. Includes variations in skin tone, hair colour, clothing. She has an advanced rig for posing that is not industry-standard. All the results you can see here speak for themselves, though if you're a professional animator, you might need to spend a little time here and there re-learning.


  • Decent results in Cycles, Eevee, and Workbench renders
  • Fully custom rig with shoulders, knees, elbows, advanced rig constructs
  • Rigged tongue, fingers, toes (yes, every finger and every toe), irises, and body proportions
  • Metarig controls to change many aspects of her pose simultaneously in pleasing ways. Smiling, winking, blinking, etc

You need to be proficient with Blender 3.1+ before you can be effective using this rig and character, so do tutorials on armatures, pose mode, and basic rendering if you're having difficulties.

The basic version is non-commercial educational only. If you wish to use the assets, rig, etc in a commercial project, purchase the commercial license.

Other Characters:

I have several characters available. You may wish to know which is right for you. Here is a quick comparison of all, including this one:

Annya Leona - Extremely long-legged and large-breasted Eastern European woman, beyond what is typical.

Endeara Devika - More weighty, muscular, but petite. Meant to look like she's from India.

Giazelle Veloca - Very thin, petite, new and different mesh than most of the others. Smaller eyes, slightly more-human proportions, but still cartoonish.

Lilithe Classica - Very thin, muscular, petite. Meant to look like she's from Asia.

Monette Taida - Thin and fit, with an exotic caucasian look. A beach girl.

Princess Verachantesse - Petite proportions. Body/face is cartooney. Meant to look like a musically-inclined caucasian.

Tailey Fang - Natural large Asian female proportions. Meant to look like she's from Asia.

Zandeya Stormer - Athletic and nerdy, she has a bit of extra attitude and occasional patriotic inclination. Mean to look caucasian.

You can see a video series about how these characters are rigged on Youtube:


  • Fast computer and graphics card. Preferably 4x 3GHz+ CPU, 6GB+ GPU
  • Blender 3.1+
  • Included armature does not have true FK (only IK and simulated FK)
  • Under clothes, she has semi-realistic colours and textures. 18+ years!

    Giazelle Nighty

    Giazelle Gothic Bikini

    Nighty Colours

    Giazelle Pink Bikini

    The basic version is for educational/personal use only. If you want to make any money using Giazelle, please purchase the commercial license.
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Rigged 3D character with amazing elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, neck, fingers, toes, and more!

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